Course offerings and teaching


The Department offers three pathways to a PhD in Cognitive Sciences. The three pathways are distinguished by a Master's degree that is obtained on the way.

You can find more details on coursework via the Graduate Students' Corner (under the Coursework tab).

M.S. Cognitive Sciences

The goal of the Ph.D. program in cognitive sciences is to prepare students for research and teaching careers in academia, industry, and government. The emphasis is on modern techniques of experimentation and theory construction. Special attention is given to providing hands-on research experience and equipping students with sophisticated mathematical and computing skills.

M.S. Cognitive Neuroscience

Students can also pursue a Ph.D. in cognitive sciences with a concentration in cognitive neuroscience. This is an interdisciplinary field which studies the relation between mind and brain. With the development of non-invasive functional brain imaging techniques during the last two decades, the integration of cognitive and neural models of information processing has become a major focus in the field, and a major growth area within the department’s academic plan.

Commensurate with the multidisciplinary nature of cognitive neuroscience, the department expects to admit students with a variety of undergraduate educational backgrounds. These include, but are not necessarily limited to, undergraduate degrees in psychology/cognitive science, neuroscience, biology, computer science, mathematics and engineering.

M.S. Statistics

Since Fall 2016, students who are admitted into the Ph.D. Program in Cognitive Sciences or in Cognitive Sciences with a Concentration in Cognitive Neuroscience are eligible for the joint M.S. in Statistics / Ph.D. in Cognitive Sciences program. (Note: Students who are admitted into the joint program are not eligible to receive either the M.S. in Cognitive Sciences or the M.S. in Cognitive Neuroscience.)

You cannot apply directly to this joint program. To enter this program, students should apply for the M.S. Cognitive Sciences and upon admittance can apply for the joint program.