Probably the most important aspect of choosing the right graduate program is finding a lab that does research you find interesting.

On this page, you can find links to information about the various labs and principal investigators (PIs) at the Department of Cognitive Sciences. Every PI has an email address () and most labs have a website () with recent publications (), member lists, and introductions. Finally, most faculty have a Google Scholar profile that may list additional publications ().

Dr. Bruce Berg

Auditory perception

Dr. Aaron Bornstein

Learning and memory

Dr. Alyssa Brewer

Visual neuroscience

Dr. Nadia Chernyak

Social cognition

Dr. Michael D'Zmura

Brain-computer interfaces

Dr. Barbara Dosher

Attention and visual perception

Dr. Emily Grossman

Visual neuroscience

Dr. Gregory Hickok

Neuroanatomy of language

Dr. Jeffrey Krichmar


Dr. Michael Lee

Categorization and Bayesian modeling

Dr. Mimi Liljeholm

Learning and decision making

Dr. Sara Mednick


Dr. Louis Narens

Measurement and logic

Dr. Emre Neftci

Neuromorphic engineering

Dr. Megan Peters


Dr. Zygmunt Pizlo

Human and machine vision

Dr. Virginia Richards

Auditory perception

Dr. Jeffrey Rouder

Psychometrics and mathematical modeling

Dr. Kourosh Saberi

Conscious systems

Dr. Barbara Sarnecka

Cognitive development

Dr. Ramesh Srinivasan

Cognitive neuroscience

Dr. Mark Steyvers

Higher-order cognition

Dr. Joachim Vandekerckhove

Mathematical psychology

Dr. Charles (Ted) Wright

Visual perception